frequently asked questions

help! what size should i get?

we prioritize carrying pieces that are as true to size as possible. that being said, all of the pieces we offer are unisex - so for women, the sizing might be just slightly more spacious than usual, and for men might the pieces may fit a little more snug than usual. still doubting what size you should get? we recommend checking our sizing charts! all of our product listings include sizing charts in the descriptions so you can confidently nail down your size!

what currency do you charge in?

canadian company = canadian dollars (CAD) of course!

how much do i need to pay for shipping?

paying for shipping sucks. we're sure that you hate paying for it as much as we do. luckily, orders over $90 ship FOR FREE! orders under the $90 threshold will cost you $10, which really isn't that bad, but who doesn't love free shipping?!

can i cancel or change my order?

we process your order as soon as we can in order to get your pieces to you asap! as such, we are, more often than not, unable to make changes to your order once it is placed. that being said, please feel free to reach out to us ASAP and we will try our absolute best to accommodate changes!

how do i go about replacing or returning damaged orders?

oh no! damaged and/or defective orders can happen, and you definitely deserve better! if your order (or items from your order) are damaged or defective, please get in touch with us and send us a picture of the damage/defect! we will gladly replace your pieces free of charge.

where's my order?

we send your pieces straight to production once you place your order - you've got that right, your threads are freshly printed on and made just for you! because of this, it can take between 1 to 5 business days before your order ships out. after this, canada post takes over! you will receive a tracking number from us as soon as your pieces are sent out. you should receive your order within 3 to 9 business days (unless you order during the holidays - we all remember the chaos of christmas 2020 i'm sure). we appreciate your patience in receiving your order!

why'd i receive only part of my order?

great question! we print and ship out our products from two locations in order to better deal with demand, and every once in a while we have to send orders in two parts (from both locations, essentially) in order to get your pieces to you as soon as possible! so if you are missing something from your order, this is most likely why. if you're still worried that there may have been a mistake with your order, please get in touch with us we'll be happy to help!

i want to place a wholesale order. do you offer discounts?

we would be happy to chat with you about placing a bulk order at a favourable rate. please get in touch with us and we can talk details!

i want to host a fundraiser for my community/school! do you do fundraisers?

we would love to help you reach your fundraising goals! we prefer to focus on fundraising campaigns for communities and schools - if this sounds like you, please reach out if you'd like more information!