about us

where do we even start? well, this little shop was founded in 2020 by me, margo. hi, nice to e-meet you! i, like many others, thoroughly enjoy having an effortless wardrobe. the less i can think about what i should wear in the morning, the better! i love the t-shirt & jeans look and, honestly, that's my go-to outfit.
i also love to travel! i love the idea of picking up shirts at touristy shops when i visit new places, but the unfortunate truth is that i often find the designs in tourist shops to be, well... not my style. you can probably see where i'm going with this. 
third point: sometimes when you're far from home i.e. in another country, another province, or even just another town, it's nice to wear something that alludes to where you're from. it increases the likelihood that someone will come up to you and strike up a conversation, and i love that!
lastly, i think all communities, no matter how small, deserve to have their name on articles of clothing! i myself am from a tiny community of less that 300 people, and there's something really special about being able to proudly show off where you are from.
all of these things have led me to creating this shop, and thus, sunny sky apparel was born! this is my way of bringing some of the designs i want to wear, to life.
...yeah, i guess that's it. thanks for reading! feel free to check out my shop, share it with your friends, buy one of everything, the works. i hope you love your new threads!

- margo